Supply chain management

Course overview

This course is intended to equip the trainees with relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable them perform clerical duties in supplies organizations. A graduate of this course will be able to work in a salaried employment or self-employment.

Diploma Certificate
Course Outline
Module I
  • Communication skills
  • Life skills
  • Information communication technology
  • Entrepreneurship- Business plan
  • Warehouse operation and stock control
  • Business calculations and statistics
  • Commerce
  • Financial accounting
Module II
  • Business finance
  • Supply chain management and purchasing principles
  • Business law
  • Office organization
  • Fundamental of management and environment
  • Economics
  • Project
Minimum Grade:C (plain)
Duration:2 year
Exam body:KNEC
Minimum Grade:D (plain)
Duration:2 year
Exam body:KNEC
Ksh. 12500Ksh. 11500