CS Part III Section V

Intro One


This section is intended to equip the candidate with knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable him/her to have an understanding in Human Resource Management, Financial Markets Law, Governance and Ethics


Human Resource Management

A candidate who passes this paper should be able to:

  • Develop and execute a human resource plan
  • Appraise staff performance
  • Assess training needs of staff
  • Develop a human resource strategy
  • Address contemporary issues in human resource management

Financial Markets Law

A candidate who passes this paper should be able to:

  • Comply with the legal provisions relating to financial markets
  • Comply with the licensing regulations of the securities exchange
  • Comply with the guidelines and rules of the central depository system
  • Identify the offences and penalties relating to trading in securities
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the processes and law of anti money
  • Maintain securities registers, accounts and records.

Governance and Ethics

A candidate who passes this paper should e able to:

  • Apply leadership principles in the context of good governance and ethics
  • Explain the tenets and principles of good governance and ethics
  • Describe the role and functions of the board of directors
  • Demonstrate adherence to ethical principles in the organisation
  • Understand the best practices required to be adopted in good governance